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+ My name is Andrea

+ I am into so many different things, and am open to new people;

Well, don't touch me baby, your finger tips, they feel like pins across my skinCollapse )

+ Faveorite bands: Tool, Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, Leftover Crack, Combat 84, The Misfits, Operation Ivy, Choking Victim.

+ Faveorite past times: Playing guitar, listening to music, drinking, partying, going to shows.
That's about all about me^.^

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Nerd here!

I love nerdy things. Many many nerdy things, I also enjoy Bruce Campbell, Bubba Ho-Tep rocks.

A big fan of most nerdy things with the exception of anime (except for Cowboy Bebop and a few movies). I'm a creative writing major.

And I can't be a whore yet because I can't find any women.

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