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Hey, this is just an intro, so I don't feel like a lurker. Don't want to clutter everything up, so I'll put my info and pics under a cut! ^^

My name's Sam, and I'm 15 years old.

Music - NIN, Flogging Molly, Off Kilter, The Distillers, Seether, A Perfect Circle, and pretty much everything from the 90's :P

Pets - A peach faced lovebird (Angel), an African Grey (Piggy), and my Guinea Pig (Zeus).

Hobbies - I'm a first degree blackbelt in Tang Soo Do, and I play the harp. Also, I'm currently eating these Costa Rican cookies like it's my job, so I thought I might as well count that as a hobby >_>

Ian and I at the zoo...Umm, I'm the girl XD

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